Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gee... That Was Quick!: A Benefit Review

As fond as I am on painting my face with different cosmetics, the lazy I am on removing it. That's why my journey on searching for the best make-up removal was toilsome. 

There was the old school Petroleum Jelly for eye make-up removal, Clinique Rinse-off Eye Make-up Solvent, St. Ives Make-up Remover and Facial Cleanser that I loathed for so long and the list goes on.

But after the long journey, I found the best make-up remover that best suits my needs.

I was with my colleague when we discovered a make-up bazaar in Centris station, just beside my workplace. You can find almost all the make-up brands - from MAC to Urban Decay to NYX Cosmetics - It was an orgasmic experience! It was the bazaar's last day at that time and I wasn't planning on buying anything until my colleague convinced me, since I mentioned to her before that I was looking for more make-up products for my sideline as FMUA. And I wasn't disappointed because I found the most effective make-up remover: the Gee... That Was Quick! Make-up Remover by Benefit Cosmetics.

The performance is as effective as its name :)

The first thing that I noticed was the packaging. I'm into vintage-y stuff and Benefit Cosmetic's packaging has it. Benefit also gives out unique product names that really captures the consumer's eye.

This product regularly sells from 900php - 950php. But since it was their last day of bazaar, the saleslady gave it to me for 600php. Sweet discount victory.

And this product does wonders! The product's name does suit its performance. 'Gee' Make-up Remover is a dream come true for make-up junkies like me who's very lazy on removing their make-up with all the rituals and regimen.

Unlike regular make-up removers were you need to wash your face before or after using the product, 'Gee' by Benefit don't need much of those shenanigans. Just put a small amount of 'Gee' on a cotton ball, wipe it in your face, and you're done! Washing your face is optional :)

What I like about this product is it's oil-free formula. It moisturizes your skin after using it and it leaves a nice scent, kind of a make-up remover and moisturizer all in one!

To show how effective the product is, I applied a generous amount of MAC gel liner in my hand. As you can see, wiping it with just cotton doesn't remove the liner right away.

Next, I applied a small amount of 'Gee' Make-up Remover on the same cotton ball. 

A couple of swipes and viola! Gel liner gone!

Now let's take it to the next level. I have this brutally used gel liner brush that i haven't cleaned for a long time. It's pretty obvious that this brush has gone too much make-up war.

If there's a law against make-up brush abuse I'd be in prison right now.

Justice for this brush!

Same thing that I did on the first demo, I applied the 'Gee' Make-up Remover on a cotton ball and made a few brush strokes. The remnants of the gel liner were removed easily after 3 brush strokes.

'Gee' Make-up Remover at work, cleaning deeply to the brush.

The aftermath. All dirt removed by 'Gee'.

Tadaa, brush all cleaned up!

Here's the before and after look:

Gee... That Was Quick! Make-up Remover by Benefit Cosmetics truly promises you to remove all make-up residue in just quick and easy steps, without the oily or dry skin feeling. I've been using this for quite some time now and it's a trusted helper for my make-up gigs, especially for correcting make-up. This product is very promising and i highly recommend it!


  1. you'll be in prison for make-up brush abuse. wala ba iba mabibilhan nyan? gusto ko din make-up remover!

    1. meron sa greenbelt or trinoma. kung gusto mong mas mura na makeup remover ang alam ko meron din sa watsons.