Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Probinsiyana Chronicles: Frappino Coffee, Shakes and Desserts

I've been a coffeeholic since my college years and has been part of my system until now. I'll be grumpy as fuck without having a doze of caffe latte or even an espresso shot. If ever i'll donate my blood to someone, he/she'll be super hyper coz my blood's more on caffeine rather than red and white blood cells.

And since coffee is essential for my every day life and there are times were you're too lazy making one, looking for coffee shops here in my hometown was a bit of a challenge. See, I'm a girl born, raised and living in Bulacan and as we all know, evolution of such province is not that rampant. I remember back in college, we need to go to SM North Edsa, Trinoma or even in Cubao just to experience exquisite coffee such as Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf etc.
That's why I'm so thankful that more than 3 years ago, Frappino Coffee, Shakes and Desserts was born.

This small yet cozy coffee shop is located just beside Save More Supermarket, right at the heart of downton, Baliuag.

Warm and inviting ambience. Free wifi too :)
Wall of notes. Some about love, some showing appreciation to the cafe

I've been their patron since they opened because you'll get the same great coffee taste as other well known coffee shops have but with a lower price. Their hot coffee ranges from 35-55php while their ice-blend coffees and shakes ranges from 65-70php. They also have pastries like choco mud cake and banana cake (my favorite) and other food like nachos and baked macaroni.

I usually order a large cafe rumba (coffee with rhum, because I also love alcohol) but today I tried Caramel Machiatto. It's a little sweet for my taste but was not that bad. I was supposed to order nachos but I need to go home immediately to finish some photoshop editing (which will be another blog post of mine).

Ice blended Caramel Machiatto
So if you're from Baliuag or just visiting our province, this coffee shop is a must try! I just wish they close a little late, the con for this shop is they close at around 9pm. But other than that, this cafe is truly a thumbs up!

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