Sunday, November 23, 2014

Probinsiyana Chronicles: CAFE + Coffee.Brunch.Dessert

I promised myself that I'll make a blog review when I come back to this place. And it was a perfect timing when me and my bestfriends had a get-together after months of not seeing each other.

It was my third time to experience this one-of-a-kind cafe strategically located along Maharlika Highway of Plaridel. The place can be easily seen due to its red bricked wall and see-through environment. This small yet very cozy cafe is a perfect getaway for people who wants to get away from the noise and chaos of the city:

All pictures from CAFE +'s Facebook page.

As usual, I was the first one to arrive at the premises. While waiting for them, I ordered Ham & Cheese Panini for late lunch. You have the option to choose if you want salad or fries for the sides. And since I did some errands before arriving and was so hungry I can eat a whole cow, I went for fries for the sides. Sweet carbo overload.

Ham & Cheese Panini w/ Fries

Just look at that motherfucker, oozing with glorious mozzarella...

They also offer a variety of drinks, pastries, and brunch. And their menu is kinda fancy too:

Finally, they arrived and the orders piled up. When ordering coffee, you may choose whether it is hot, over ice or ice blended. I went for their Iced Dark Chocolate Mocha while the others went for Dark Chocolate Espresso Ice Blended:

 Iced Dark Chocolate Mocha

Dark Chocolate Espresso Ice Blended
For pastries, I went for their Green Tea Cheesecake. And man, this cake is a must-try! My friends went for their Ultimate Chocolate cake and Mango Cream cake:

A must-try! Green Tea Cheesecake if you're a cheesecake lover like me :)

Sinful Ultimate Chocolate cake

Mango Cream cake. The taste was meh :\

Endless stories, laughs and catch-ups later, here was the aftermath:


Yors truly, Rima (offcam), Ara (center), Gladice (right), and Erma (left). We call ourselves RAGE :)

If you're a frequent traveler and you're looking for authentic, local-made coffee and food with a reasonable price and cozy environment, then this cafe is definitely for you! They're open from 9:00am - 10:00pm and it's an hour drive from Manila/Quezon City (just take Sta. Rita Exit from NLEX). They also offer made-to-order cakes. Just make sure to inform them 2-3 days in advance.

Click down the logo below and check out their Facebook page. You may also follow them on Instagram @cafepluscbd:

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